Intelligent yet simplified Property Management Software

Managing your own properties used to mean paperwork and headaches. Not anymore.

Take back Management with

Dwelingo helps you collect payments online, advertise your vacant properties, screen potential tenants and more

Collect Rent Online

Setup a monthly rent collection, send invoices and collect fees all from the comfort of our dashboard!

Screen Tenants

Screen Tenants by partnering with our 3rd part tenant screening service.

Manage Leases

Manage leases, contracts and any legal document needed with our intuitive contract management system!

Analyze Property Data

By utilizing Dwelingos intelligent property management software you can expect full asset breakdown, incoming profit, expenses, taxes and more always automated always simplified.


Management Dashboard


Download The Dwelingo Mobile App

Download the feature-packed Dwelingo app. Tenants and Managers can interact, pay invoices, respond to support requests and more all from the comfort of the Dwelingo desktop or mobile app!

Customizable Dashboard

Want to customize what info is on your dashboard and where the elements are? From asset valuations to current weather you can modify to your heart’s content. Not finding what you need? Our team of expert developers can craft up any solution needed!  

Managing Your Properties Doesn’t Have to Be Hard.


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